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STEP 1: Check your inbox for an email with the link for you to confirm before you can download your PDF.

STEP 2: If you don’t see it, please check your Junk/Spam folders. If you’re using Gmail, check these categories: “Updates” or “Promotions” tabs. Otherwise you’ll miss your download link.

Here’s what to do next: Once you see my confirmation email, drag it to a tab/category you check regularly, e.g. Primary tab, so you’ll receive my email with your PDF. Or, add me to your Contacts or Address book.

Step 3: Join my Facebook group: Female Employee to Entrepreneur. I’m putting together a community of moms who want to transition from their 9-5 to creating freedom-based coaching or consulting businesses, so they can have more freedom, and time to spend with their family and kids, or to travel the world, while making an impact.