Privacy Policy

Important Information When Using this Website

It is important that you read and understand our privacy policy before accessing any of its contents.

Your privacy is very important to me. The privacy policy of this website seeks to inform you about the type of information that may be collected or received automatically, when you use this website

What kind of information gets collected?

Personal information that identifies you such as your name, address, telephone numbers and email address may be requested and collected from you. However, this is at your sole discretion.

If you want your information removed or deleted, kindly notify us by completing the contact Me form.

Email Addresses

Your email adresses will also be collected whenever you send us an email or you subscribe to our information. Your email address and other personal information will not be sold or be given to any person.

If you want me to remove your email address ore unsubcribe from getting new information posted on our website, fill my contact form and I will remove your information.

Why is it necessary to collect such information?

It is your right to know that this information is necessary if you request any information from this site; when you join our mailing list; or subscribing to any materials from this website; when you ask questions; give feedback or send suggestions.

We periodically reviews the information collected and use it when necessary to improve its content or respond to your questions.

It is my promise to you that your information will never be sold to any third party for any reasons.

It will remain with us until otherwise requested by you to remove it.

If you want your information removed, simply contact us.

How is your information collected?

We may use cookies and beacons to understand your online interaction with this website.

Cookies will be sent to your browser by a web server to collect your personal information as mentioned above. This information is then sent back to the server each time your access a page on this website.

We will then know which specific pages you have visited and will know your future visits.

Can you deactivate cookies?

Absolutely! If you do not want us to receive your information, you can deactivate cookies on your browser settings so that the server does not remember or store your information.

What about third party advertizements?

It is important for you to know that we may serve advertizements from third parties who may be using cookies and beacons as well.

This will give third parties an indication of how many times their advertisements have been viewed by web browsers.

For example, Google Adsense program uses the DoubleClick DART cookie. This enables this website to advertise their ads. You can disable the cookie through the Google ad and content network privacy policy. has no control over cookies collected by third parties and will never disclose or sell your information to third parties.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

We do not collect information of persons younger than 13 years of age. The use of this website is strictly for adults only, no children allowed to use these website.

Please do not use this website if you do not agree to this privacy policy.

The use for this website means that you have read, understood and accepted this privacy policy.