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Getting university degrees is hard

Why Most High School Drop Outs Say University Degrees Won’t Create Financial Freedom For You


Have you completed your matric with flying colours and you are ready to enrol for an undergraduate degree at your favourite university, or you want to do a college diploma?

Perhaps you have already done your first year at university and you’re still wondering if you have made the right career choice.

You must continue reading as I reveal the untold secrets that have differentiated me from the rest after graduating. You’ll also learn if you’ll achieve financial freedom with a degree or not.

I, like most graduates, have worked really, really hard to get my university degrees. I hold more than two bachelor, or baccalaureate, degrees. I have done online certificate courses as well, all from top, expensive universities.

I remember my days at the lecture rooms very well as it were yesterday. I remember waking up at 5 o’clock every day to prepare for my lessons.

I didn’t have nice clothes and nice shoes. In the lecture room, I sat on a very hard, oak, wooden chair, with a table attached to it.

Some days I didn’t have food, while some days I skipped lunch because I was too busy with my assignments.

If you were studying with me at that time, you would be about to experience the most difficult time of your life.

You would be compelled to make a choice and a decision whether you persist and achieve your goals, or you give up and return home, where you would not have anything to eat and where there was no happiness and fulfilment.

Some days, I’d spent the whole weekend in the computer room trying to get my difficult computer assignments done.

I grew up without a computer or TV at home, so I wasn’t used to watching screens that much, and my eyes were always sore and red, accompanied by a migraine headache.

The computer science lessons were hard. The physical science lessons were hard. The mathematics lessons were hard. The psychology lessons were better. Business management was awesome.

Girl reading book

It was the toughest times of my life.

The lessons were taught in English by non-native speakers, which made my learning experience even worse because I’m not a native speaker either.

The university professors and lecturers who taught me looked passionate and serious. But, I could read between the lines that they didn’t really care much if I failed or passed. They did their best thou.

In fact, if students failed, to some it meant that they still had a job to wake up to and a government to please.

They knew that at least they have someone who can’t proceed to the next level until they repeat the course and pass. That means they have a guaranteed income in expensive tuition fees.

Some of these professors pretend to be happy, well some could be doing what they love, but this is not a kind of job that makes anyone financially free.

When You Do Your University Degrees, Your Professor Won’t Tell You This:

Here are the things they don’t want to openly tell you:

1. Some teach stuff that uplift historians and noble price winners.

It is mostly theory than practical things you can apply in your life, either during your studies or after you graduate, to possibly help you become financial free within the first five years as an employee.

Sometimes, you get to learn a lot of things you don’t necessarily need.

I confess that when I joined the corporate world, I only applied a minute percentage of what I learnt from university.

Most of the stuff that were in my curriculum where too much theory than practical. My company trained me before I could be skilled appropriately for my line of duty.

You'll read many books for academic degrees

Here’s the fact: Most university or college graduates have had the same experience as me.

Ask one a question on something he or she learnt, chances are, you won’t get an answer, unless he or she is a true genius from his mother’s womb!

Although this is common, it shouldn’t be taken as a generalization, because there are curricula that teach real world lessons and involve a lot of practical, such as in music, art and culture,and psychology.

But when it comes to bachelor of science, engineering, and the like, there’s is too much complicated stuff that are taught, but when one gets to the real world, only a few things are applicable in their job, simply because science is too broad.

Most companies train their new employees before they are confident that they can perform productively.

Even thou the practical is there, the chances that graduates can apply what they learn in real life situations are slim. This brings me to the next point. Warning: This is not a generalization, but it is common.

2. Some professors and lecturers teach you to spend years and years in formal education so that you can acquire multiple university degrees or college diplomas, only to live a poor life after that.

It is a well-known fact that most graduates struggle to repay their loans after completing their university degrees and diplomas.

At university, you are not taught how to make money and become financially free, unless maybe you enrol in a course that teaches you about personal finance.

At the time I’m writing this article, there’s no formal tertiary institution that offers a degree or diploma to teach students how to attain financial abundance and real success.

To learn how to create financial freedom, Tony Robbins is the one to listen to.

Anthony Robbins steps to financial freedom

The professors and lecturers don’t want to tell you, because they know that you won’t bother to get a tertiary education if you can make money on your own, without formal education.

They have to have someone to teach the historical stuff, which sometimes produce poor and struggling graduates. The only solution is for you to enrol for higher degrees and give them a job as well. Blame our past conditioning!

3. You are mainly taught how to work for the government or someone else. Our past beliefs are still wreaking havoc in families.

Children are doing exactly what their parents say they must do. Few children are being encouraged to follow their passion and do what they enjoy and love.

No one is encouraging them to become creative and come up with ideas that can be sold to generate wealth.

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There are few people who became wealthy after traditional schooling, but most attained financial imprisonment as opposed to financial abundance.

The formal education system has taught many graduates how to work hard and trade time for money to make someone else rich!

Is either you do an academic degree to prepare yourself to become another lecturer or you enrol, part-time, for online certificate courses or business degrees, or you learn from successful people, in order to create financial freedom for yourself.

Studying part time while you’re working is not so easy. It is even difficult if you already have a family to support.

The problem is that most people don’t see through this. This is predominantly because of past paradigms.

Parents teach their children to go to school, get good grades, get a job, save money, and have financial security. You can’t blame them, because they, too, were taught the same by their parents. It’s a cycle.

Let me tell you the truth: For most people, it is extremely difficult to save money if you only have one source of income, which is your salary. In fact most graduates struggle financial and resort to having multiple credit cards to supplement their income.

But, you have a choice today. Be open-minded and teach your children the right things so that they don’t repeat the cycle of poverty.

There’s nothing wrong with going to school, but the idea that those who do will be financially secure is not true.

You can study and acquire world-class degrees, but if you can’t apply what you learnt, wouldn’t you agree that’s a waste?

4. You are not really taught the skills to prosper on your own, unless you depend on someone else.

This could be an explanation why most university and college graduates are struggling.

Their mentality is for someone to give them a job as opposed to “How can I become an employer!” This is often true for students who do bachelor of science or BS degrees, such as Biochemistry degrees.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t make it big with these kind of degrees, but the truth is that many graduates lack the creativity to transmute what they have learnt into a business that would generate lasting income.

This is so because business that offers scientific services or products may require huge capital to buy the necessary machinery as in production, for example.

Imagine if you could become an employer and improve the livelihoods of those who are disadvantaged. How would that make you feel?

You cannot sit back and remain hopeful that the government would provide you with a job. There’s too much corruption in government that even if jobs are available, they are most likely given to government officials’ families and friends.

It’s a hard pill to swallow. It is painful and devastating, and it is not getting any better. That’s the reality of things.

The thing is the clock is ticking against you. You are ageing. Your needs are changing. You might become a parent any day, if you don’t already have children, and it is hard to live when you have children without an income.

What is it that graduates want from a job? Isn’t it financial security?

The difference between graduates, who spent a quarter of their lives sitting on hard chairs receiving lessons about who won the noble price in the 1800s, and millionaires of this world is basically what you learn that can change your life for the better.

Knowledge is not power, but Applied, Specific Knowledge is Power.

I have studied the millionaires and my research revealed that most of those who are truly wealthy didn’t spend much time at school. Those who achieved real financial freedom and massive success, have never made it to university only to be traumatised by the professors there.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the “A” students are the ones working for the “C” students.

Robert Kiyosaki why the a students work for c students

It broke my heart after seeing the title of his book because I was also an “A” student. I know how it feels to be one but after you graduate, if you don’t learn real-world strategies that can earn you financial freedom, you would struggle just like anyone else.

You might be in the same situation at the moment. I have been there, too. I struggled to get my degrees, but I lived a mediocre, broke life, where I couldn’t even repay my university loan.

I remember how stressed and depressed I was. I was miserable. I needed a way out! You might be in this situation and I tell you that it is never too late to make it and improve your life.

Real world success strategies are not that difficult to learn. You don’t even have to sit on a hard, cold chair listening to a university professor or lecturer who is also earning a living and probably doesn’t know how to make millions and achieve financial independence and freedom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not bashing lecturers and academic degrees from universities and colleges; my point is simple: If you truly want to achieve financial freedom, real happiness and success, you must know that it takes more than a university degree and you must be willing to put great effort and take massive action to make things happen.

The first secret is to become creative. You could be dismissing million dollar ideas that come to you mind with the thought that it’s not possible, or it hasn’t been done before.

Your first starting point is investing in self-development. Nowadays is no longer expensive to improve yourself. Information is vast! You have to know what you want and what you want to do and learn how to do that.

There are tons of credible and trusted How To articles on Google and the good thing is most of the information you want is available for FREE. You just have to invest your time and resources to apply what you learn in your life.

If you really want to become financially successful, whether you are working or not, you have to have a business and find ways to generate multiple passive income streams. That’s how the wealthy achieved real financial freedom.

There are online certificate courses that teach people how to create wealth, while doing the things they love and enjoy.

You can still pursue your university or college degrees and postgraduate diplomas, even if you consider being a Harvard graduate, just be open minded about your future in terms of balancing your vocation and creating financial freedom, so that you’re not tied up to your job and have to work overtime to earn more money, and so that you earn some free time to do other things you love and enjoy.

Best Tip: Do university degrees with a clear purpose in mind; don’t just do it because Mom, Dad, Aunty, Uncle or Grandma said so.

Keep learning.

Life has to be FUN.

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Anthony Robbins financial freedom and career

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