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Coaching And Mentoring

Do you feel stuck and stressed that you’re not achieving your goals?

You’re not alone.

Please allow me to share my story…

I have experienced the same a few years ago. I had goals, too. Big goals that seemed impossible for me to achieve. Big goals that meant that I needed to function beyond my comfort zone to achieve them.

I was extremely comfortable and I felt secure in my 9-5 government job.

I wanted to do more, achieve more and live more. But that looked blurry and beyond my reach.

I wanted to have my own business; to be successful academically; to serve others and help them improve their lives; I wanted to live in a beautiful house; to drive a nice car; to be fit and healthy; to have a child and a family. I wanted to boost my self-confidence and achieve more out of life. All these seemed impossible.

I felt stuck. I didn’t know how I would achieve my personal, professional and business goals. I looked in awe, wondering how others seem to achieve more and attract success in their lives. It seemed easy for them. I asked myself, ” Why me?” “Am I not meant to be successful?” You might be asking yourself the same questions.

I am here to offer you a commodity I lacked that you need to be able to move from being stuck to feeling unstoppable after discovery that you could do more.

I’m here to help you get where you want to be. Look around and you’ll notice that all your role models and rich, successful people have one thing in common… They all have a coach and a mentor. I didn’t have one. I was stuck on my goals.

I struggled not knowing where I was going. I felt depressed. I even gave up on some of my important goals in life. But you don’t have to go through this… I’m here for you. I’m passionate about your success. I’d like to help you take action and make things happen.

I achieved more goals after working with my mentor and coach. My focus improved. I discovered my definite purpose. I learnt how to use my time effectively. My productivity increased, too. I want to help and teach you do the same.


Because I’m on a mission to help people achieve their goals and realize that they can do it. With my guidance, mentorship and coaching, you’ll learn how to get things done and improve your life and that of your loved ones.

I am not interested, but I’m committed to help you…

1. Discover yourself

2. Identify what had stopped you from achieving your goals

3. Train your brain to work with you through supportive thoughts, actions and attitude so that you achieve what you want without self-resistance

5. Boost your confidence and self-belief

6. Overcome procrastination

7. Do whatever it takes until you get positive results

8. Overcome obstacles

9. Use your time and resources effectively

10. Increase your focus on your priorities

11. Develop success habits that will skyrocket your success

12. And more…

Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t understand what goals are and what it takes to achieve them.

I’ll help you with this so that you’re clear on what your goals are.

I will be working with you every step of the way to ensure that you make progress.

I work with people who feel burnt out in their jobs and don’t know whether it’s worthwhile to change their career or not.

I help students improve their focus and achieve more in life. I also help student figure out the right career that fit their passion and personality. I have overcome bullying and rejection throughout school and university, I will help you reagain your self-confidence and self-worth.

I help people who are struggling to start a blog and make money from it. I help people who are struggling to get leads to their blog or website.

I coach business owners who want improve their website to increase engagement with their customers.

I can help you start a business and design the right business goals, the right message for your clients, identify the right audience and how to attract them to you.

What are you struggling to achieve today?

Contact me today to setup an appointment to discuss your needs before I can send you a quote.

Here’s a typical coaching program:

The program duration is 2 months plus 1 follow up after 2 months.

We will have up to 90 minutes call for a coaching session every week. We will go through your goals and design an effective strategy to achieve them meticulously.

At the end of every coaching sessions, you would have learnt about yourself and how possible it is for you to achieve your goals.

Contact me today to setup an appointment to discuss your needs before I can send you a quote.

Your Success Coach and Mentor

Success coach and mentor